Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Design Group Headquarters - Off to a Running Start

The Design Group has officially taken up residence in their new headquarters, and the new space has been a great hit with staff and visitors alike.  The operable desks, solar panels and abundant daylight are a few of the building’s popular features.  The main conference room has also been a great resource for the community holding neighborhood association meetings, and is scheduled to host USGBC webinars for chapter members and the public.  (The conference room is also available for YOUR community event; please see the calendar tab at the top of this page.)  However there have been a few hiccups as the staff has settled in.  Too much light at certain times of day was creating a glare problem that will be addressed with a new light shelf system.  A missing damper on a mechanical unit created a noise resembling an aircraft take-off; the part has been installed and the work area is back to a dull murmur.  These issues have been small, but have been reminders that while no design is perfect, a good team can work through them.  The new building and work spaces are a complete transformation from the previous environment and the Design Group is looking forward to growing into its new headquarters.

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