Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Master Plan

The New DG Headquarters Master Plan

A city planned around the automobile, Albuquerque sprawls out over the Rio Grande valley with half a million people on approximately 180 square miles.  This is a density of about 2,912 people per mile.  It may seem substantial but when compared with other American cities such as Chicago, with 12,192 people per sq mi, New York City with 17,931 people per sq mi or Boston with 7,249 people per sq mi., we have a lot of elbow room.   And while most Albuquerque residents relish their space, it does come at a cost.  Large busy streets divide neighborhoods, cars are the primary means of transportation, much of the city lacks a distinctive identity and we lose meaningful open space as the city grows westward. 
At Design Group we believe in urban planning that reflects the character of Albuquerque but also reinvests in our current neighborhoods, making our existing communities stronger, and knitting the fabric of the city and its people together.  As a part of this we have included in our master plan a possible residential or mixed use development on our site. Currently the parking lot will exceed our parking demands, and with more staff than ever walking or biking to work, there would be room for a small efficient development.  At this point these plans are very much on the drawing board, however they represent for us a brighter future for our community and our city.

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