Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New Neighborhood, A Committment to Community

The New Neighborhood

Once the Design Group moves into its new Headquarters, the commute will get much shorter for several team members, including Emily Brudenell:

”Once we move, I will be able to walk to work in the amount of time it takes me currently to drive, or bike in even less time.  It’s going to be great; I can’t wait to move!”

The selection of this site was deliberate.  Owners Doug Majewski and Gregory Hartman considered dozens of sites before finally deciding to move forward with the location on Vassar.  Vassar offered the most opportunities to develop a project that would help cultivate a stronger community and support a diverse, walkable neighborhood. As Gregory observed,

"We are thrilled to become a part of a mixed use neighborhood where employees can live, work, learn, play and shop all within walking distance.  The Design Group was founded on community projects like this that positively impact our neighborhoods for future generations.  Adding another fifty years of life to a vacant building through revitalization is not only true sustainability but it also enriches our common cultural heritage.”

That many staff members will be able to walk or bike to work is a bonus.  Says one team member, Kirstin Kalberg:

“I love the fact that our new office is located on the cusp of a residential neighborhood.  It lends a sense of community to our office and work.  The location is really fantastic.”

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